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Guided Quail Hunt


COLLIER KENNELS offers Season Leases and Guided Hunts on several large ranches in West Texas near San Angelo and Midland. Our hunting area is the western most boundary of the Prairie Grasslands. This means that we typically have plenty of cover for the birds, and they hold very well for dogs.

The majority of our birds are Blue Quail, but Bobwhites are also found. No pen raised or release birds are used! Our guided quail hunts are supported by quality, very experienced dogs trained by COLLIER KENNELS.

The weather in West Texas during hunting season is typically clear and mild which makes for a very pleasant hunting experience.

Our leases are carefully controlled to assure that only qualified, hunting-oriented sportsmen are on the lease. Guided hunts may be arranged for a minimum of two days with at least two or more hunters. The eating and sleeping accommodations for the hunters will vary depending upon the ranch selected.

Please refer to the testimonials. You, too, will enjoy James¡¯ enthusiasm for the hunt, his unmatched experience, and his engaging personality!

For full details of our leases and guided hunts, please e-mail or contact COLLIER KENNELS.