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Belgian Malinois


COLLIER KENNELS is pleased to offer the magnificent Belgian Malinios

The Belgian Malinois is a variety of the Belgian Shepherd Dog. Well recognized in Europe, it is a medium six dog of elegant appearance known for its sensory abilities, speed, agility, keen intelligence, trainability and stamina. Although highly classified information, the Belgian Malinois has come to be known by breeders as the dog who participated with the brave Navy Seals and took down Osama Bin Ladin.

The Belgian Malinois is sensitive to correction, extremely willing to please and a devoted loyal companion.

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This beautiful puppy is available now with all registration papers.

HEKTOR - 6 weeks old
HEKTOR - 3 months old
HEKTOR - 3 months old
HEKTOR - 6 months old
HEKTOR - 6 months old

The Belgian Malinois at COLLIER KENNELS are trained for obedience, personal protection and tracking. We recognize that early socialization is essential and critical to success. Therefore, we begin socialization at three (3) days old followed by the supervised puppy playroom when older. During this early training the Belgian Malinois puppy is exposed to different situations, different people and a variety of environments. Various sites and sounds are also introduced. The result is a loyal and obedient companion with a clear head, sound in body and mind and ready to respond to the commands of the proud owner like no other breed I have trained.